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Financial statements

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Attached are financials through 10/31/2023 (which are the most recent available). The school and church segments’ Income Statements are separated, as it was believed to be more beneficial. The combined Income Statement is attached as well. The balance sheet is not separated by church and school – as the Arch does not mandate it.

Questions and comments are welcomed and can be directed to Mike Hogan, Operations Director, Office: 847-587-2251, ext. 103, or, because financial statements without footnotes and/or explanations can lead to inaccurate interpretations. Instead of footnotes, Mr. Hogan can sit with a group of parents who are familiar with financial statements and explain/answer questions.

The Sunday Support Our Future collection envelopes are being added to the offline donations as they come in. There are no specific dates on those envelopes these days, so those envelopes tend to come in throughout the month. I know there used to be a regular week these were to be collected, but not everyone follows that schedule.

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