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Fund the Falcons FAQ

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Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) for Fund the Falcons.

  1. What is the deadline to raise $400.000, and when will we know Cardinal Cupich’s decision?
    The deadline to raise $400.000 is Friday, January 26th. Cardinal Cupich will make his decision in early February whether or not St. Bede will open for the 2024-2025 school year.
  2. What factors will be considered by the archdiocese?
    The ability to remove the deficit will be presented to the Cardinal’s Board, along with demographics, diversity breakdown and school success (Blue Ribbon etc.) in order for the Board to make the final decision, along with strategies to increase student enrollment and raise future funds.
  3. Where can I send a monetary donation?
    There are a variety of options for donating:

    Monetary donations may be made by check to St. Bede School Fund, and dropped off at the school, parish office or mailed to:
    St. Bede School Fund 36399 North Wilson Road Ingleside, IL. 60041

    Donations may be made electronically on the St. Bede website: Donate tab on the dropdown menu, upper left corner on

    Go Fund Me page, Save St. Bede School:

    St. Bede Strong website:

    Facebook Page: httbs://

    Donation of stocks, please contact Mike Hogan

    All donations before December 31, 2023 are tax-exempt for this year.
    If the goal is not reached. donations will be returned if requested.
  4. Will students currently enrolled at St. Bede complete this school year?
    Yes!If it is determined that we will be closed, the last day of the 2023-2024 school year is June 4, 2024.
  5. How do I become involved in the fundraising efforts?
    Please check the St. Bede Facebook page, the school website, and for planned activities and who to contact to participate.
  6. Is the parish a partner with us by helping to raise the funds needed, and reaching out on the school’s behalf?
    Yes! The two churches are having a second collection for the fundraising goal, actively reaching out to potential donors, and including information in the weekly Information in the church bulletin.
  7. How will I know the progress of the campaign?
    Every Friday an updated fundraising progress and upcoming activities will be posted on the St. Bede website and Facebook.
  8. Is it possible that we could become a Big Shoulders School or a member of the Cristo Rey Network?
    After speaking with representatives of the organization and making our request, we were told that St. Bede is not eligible to be a Big Shoulders School because our geographical location is not included in their charter.

    Though St. Bede’s meets some of the criteria for the Cristo Rey Network, after requesting the possibility of a feasibility assessment we were told that our geographical area does not have the corporate presence that is an essential part of the Cristo Rey model.
  9. What has been done so far in order to achieve our goal?
    Appointments scheduled for meetings with potential big donors.
    Administration is working with a Fundraising consultant to advise on plans to move forward.
    Go Fund Me Page has been set up.
    Parents had a meeting to share ideas for fundraising events.
    Letter has been sent sharing our story with St. Bede alum and requesting a donation.
    Fr. George addressed the situation from the pulpit and in a letter inserted into the bulletin apprising parishioners of the school situation.

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