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Above and Beyond

For close to a decade my children attended Saint Bede School. This amazing school became our community family. The dedication of the teachers, and the overall experience, from athletics, to plays, to even just the lamb costumes at the annual Christmas concert were magical for my family. Now the school is facing closure to tax program cuts, and things beyond their control, and with little time or notice to fundraise, it will be a tough fight to keep it open. My heart is breaking.
My Christmas wish is if you are able, please help us save this one-of-a-kind school. A school that goes above and beyond for their families, a school that offers superior education, faith-based learning, and above all love of community unlike so many of the schools we see today. As a non-catholic parent, I wanted to make sure my voice was heard, that it doesn’t matter your faith, background or preference. Superior education is just that, superior education.
A few ways Saint Bede has gone above and beyond the touched our family:
1) A teacher personally driving homework packets in a snowstorm to our house when my children were sick. (And maybe getting stuck in our ditch)
2) The school hosting a carnival complete with Camels and maybe a flash mob esq. Greece moment.
3)Trivia nights, bags competitions and even a Halloween themed 5K not only to raise funds but build a strong community
4) A meal train for our family when my mother was in hospice at our home
5) After my children moved to Arizona and my oldest were struggling with a new tougher curriculum, multiple teachers working together to sort a tutoring schedule while we were back in IL for the summer.
6) Flying children on guidewires for a theatre production of Mary Poppins, because how do you perform Mary Poppins if she doesn’t fly???
7) One last reason – THIS GO FUND ME WAS KICKED OFF BY A HIGH SCHOOL ALUMNI. I am so proud of you Susan. We cannot fail the good work and charity of such a young Alumni.
For my non-Saint Bede Facebook community, I ask that you too consider helping, as we need to make a statement that schools like this MUST CONTINUE, and would ask for your help as well. The teachers, staff, students and extended community that make up this magical place deserve an unlimited number of years more to continue the great work they do in the community.
Please help if you can. $1.00 or $1000 – It all makes a difference.
Merry Christmas, Love the Habben Family