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Amazing School

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St. Bede is an amazing school. My daughter went there for 8 years and graduated in 2017. Because of the foundation that St. Bede taught my daughter, and her hard work, she has been able to get an unbelievable scholarship to a top private college. That was our goal. We pay a lower tuition for elementary and high school with the hopes of the big payoff for college. That being said, it seems like the Archdioceses has it out for St. Bede. This is the second time they have put that huge price tag on the school and expect them to come up with an unbelievable amount of money in a short period of time. We did it once back in 2016, I good don’t know if they can do it again. Susan Lutzke….you are my hero trying to save the school.  Dina Staggs Jaske