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Catholic Identify

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Some of my greatest and dearest friends are St. Bede alums who I met at Carmel. I’m ridiculously grateful to still have these people in my life.

Look, you can say what you will about Catholic schools and even the Catholic church (spoiler alert, I probably agree with you on many of these things). Yet, I truly believe a Catholic school option is an important aspect of a culturally rich and diverse community.

I’m a product of Catholic schools (all the way through my Masters Degree). What I know about these institutions is that they are foundational in establishing a Catholic identity. It gets grief, I know, but a Catholic identity is about service, at its core. It’s about learning to be for, and with, others in the world. It is about community.  If I’m being honest, my kids’ school and my parish would likely increase enrollment if St. Bede closed. However, I think that would be a disservice to the Ingleside-Fox Lake communities and all of Lake County, too.

I humbly ask that you support St. Bede school and as such, endorse Catholic education. It’s not for everyone, I know. But it was and remains important to my family and me, and I know many others feel the same way too. I hope those in a position to give will consider this option as the year ends and the season of giving continues.

Merry Christmas!!