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Value that comes with being a St. Bede student

There is a huge value that comes with being a St. Bede student.  I get to learn more about my Catholic faith with great classmates and teachers.  I learn how to be a better person and how to live the Gospel.  I get an amazing education and make lasting friendships with others.  St, Bede sparks interests and helps you in your educational and spiritual life with God.  Learning at St. Bede has helped me so much with education and I’m always excited to come to school.  It brings me great joy to come to St. Bede, and I am so happy that I have the privilege to learn here.  Please help save the St. Bede Falcom Community by donating.  There is a donation tab on the St. Bede website and a GoFundMe page.  Please consider participating in St. Bede fundraisers, which would help a lot too!  Thank you for your support of our parish school!  Olivia C.